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My tweets [Jan. 9th, 2014|04:06 am]

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#NitwitNews: These are the facts, Jack! [Jan. 8th, 2014|01:38 pm]
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Seeing as Ceno's got something of a very played and extremely weak victim's complex, always getting all up in arms of people trolling his content to prove he's cyberbullying, thought I'd got a different route with this very brief investigation. Rather, I'll troll the research lain out already by both friends and seeming allies.

On January 5th both Nick Corelli accounts deleted ·
Along with that the creation dates of their accounts were screencaptured.

You'll note the dates of creation are @Nick_Corelli March 2013 and @NickCorelli October 2013.

Last night both accounts undeleted. They were in protected status when they deleted, now only one was.

The one that wasn't made about 30 tweets, of which I've only got this to show ·
Typical Ceno nonsense the lot of it.

The one in locked status still is, the one that tweeted went into protected status and then deleted.

These two Nick Corellis listed aren't the first. There's been a few, that behaved in the exact same manner as these two, starting in 2012.

Details here ·
Summary here:
1. The first @NickCorelli was created August of 2012. Like the current ones it ranted and insulted then deleted its abuse and then itself.
2. The first @Nick_Corelli, which behaved exactly like the other one, was created November of 2012.
3. The next time a @NickCorelli appeared it had an entirely different creation date: December of 2012.

Unfortunately Pete, cyberman_delete's writer of the time, resorted to logging other creation dates of the 2 Nicks with links rather than screenshots. No idea why. He noted the dates but the website he linked to seems to be broken at the moment. What it stated is that of the two current Nicks, at one point they had the same exact creation date.

These are just the ones any of us, who pay attention to this degenerate, know about.

Ceno undeleted both the current Nicks less than 15 hours ago, and he deleted one of them just a few hours ago. It's just a matter of time before he does something with the other one.
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My tweets [Dec. 5th, 2013|12:00 pm]

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Ceno's admittance of his own abuse. #NitwitNews [Dec. 5th, 2013|12:32 am]
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Sticking to his guns, and flawed the whole time, Ceno's been doing his usual lousy job of interepreting of the facts. He thinks anything he uploads to yfrog is copyrighted, but he only read the section of their Terms of Service that he thought supported that point.

He linked to their rules but some of us didn't just read the part about copyrights but the entire document. The flaw in a literal interpretation of those rules, and Ceno's twisted spin on it, is that if you take how he puts it literally then if he uploaded a Batman comic book to his yfrog, well that doesn't mean it's copyrighted to him.

What Ceno uploaded, that he keeps failing to defend (though he's probably too dense to realize it) is a conversation with another person. That person blocked him, he posted the screenshot of their conversation so he could start harassing that person's husband.

That's what killed his point. Posting content involving another person on its own nixed te copyright, but using that screenshot as part of a campaign to abuse her and someone close to her definitely did it in.

Tunnel vision thy name is Ceno.

He uploaded a pic to harass other people with, in an ongoing stalking/cyberbullying act. By yfrog's own terms of service, he broke their rules on abuse.

They've already been informed. Just a matter of time.
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Ceno's latest idiocy. #NitwitNews [Dec. 4th, 2013|01:33 pm]
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I'm an MP by trade, that's for Military Police. The actual me, not this faceless freak I play at from time to time. That said, I know a bit about the law. Or so I like to tell myself.

Certainly more than Ceno.

Got back in town the other day, spent up until a few hours ago making up my absence to the wife, then we headed up to SF to scoop up a friend for lunch neither had seen in some time. Catch up on things, shoot the breeze, eat some pizza, and learn what Ceno's been up to.

I pay him little mind when I'm out of town.

Ceno's trying to pull a copyright scam, a ploy to get people to stop reporting his cyberbullying. Involving this link ---->

He refers to the screenshot as a photo he took, thereby his intellectual property, and by the rules of yfrog's Terms of Service no one can use it without his permission. Which is a little weird as a few tweets before the one with the link he's claiming he's going to post proof about something he said.

Ceno did give permission for others to check it out.

The popular look around some have used is they took a screenshot of his screenshot, but that wasn't at all necessary. Copyright laws on screenshots are shaky at best, consult wikipedia if you don't believe that. Even without that, his screenshot is a conversation with someone he was stalking, of which there's more than ample evidence.

3rd party involvement negates sole ownership.

- The account he tweeted the link from is @CaseyAffieck.
- The screenshot is a @CaseyAffieck talking with some girl, dated from August.
- The @CaseyAffieck's account the link is on wasn't around in August.

Just one of many cracks in Ceno's window that looks out on this point he's failing to make.

Ceno also has a blurb about how he knows cyberman_delete is written by this other guy he hassles all the time. He makes the point of saying they write the same. First off, they don't. And second, the account has been written by 2 people. Pete initially, Aileeta now. There's some crossover in the middle when they were both writing to the account but it's easy to tell them apart.

Not to go all Star Trek the Next Generation on whoever happens to read this, but the big difference between Lore & Data wasn't just that one of them had emotions. Lore could use contractions when he talked, Data couldn't.

From PM's, livejournal's version of what twitter calls DM's, I learned that Pete was fairly conversant in speaking English but not writing it. That's why his typing was so deadpan. Aileeta's a bit more freestyle but going back to Data & Lore, Pete didn't use contractions much at all.

You'd think if Ceno was trying to make his point he would've been aware of that. Then again, that fruit loop lacks any kind of sense which is why all of his little ploys always end up as another loss.

I've already emailed yfrog about the circumstances around Ceno's link, there's some backstory I thought they should be made aware of. Like the harassment of the girl featured in the screenshot and how's he's been stalking her from at least 3 of his accounts.
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